For children from 24 months to 8 years of age

Children must already be comfortable in a school setting


This year’s Summer Camp “WILD EXCHANGES” at AURORA will offer a fantastical array of projects, experiences and explorations building on children's natural sense of wonder to discover the magic of sub-tropical forests. Wild spaces are presented in and around cities in many forms and places. This summer camp is an investigation of Reggio-Inspired dialogue between Aurora children, teachers, parents and nature. During this Reggio-Inspired journey, children are encouraged to document and express their feelings during interactions and exchanges with nature in Aurora’s ateliers and spaces.


This topic is designed to present the layers of rainforest under the order of forest floor, waterfall, under canopy, canopy and beyond canopy. Specifically, our weekly program includes the following 7 themes, corresponding to 7 weeks:


  • Chapter 1 (Jun 25 - Jun 29): New beginnings - Introduction to where the wild things are

Beginning of – Wild exchanges. Creating new and valued relationships with Aurora’s children, families and educators within our natural environment. Discovering the mystic, magic and mythic of sub-tropical Vietnamese forests.


  • Chapter 2 (Jul 02 - Jul 06): Mapping the surface of forest floors 

Exploring the surface – animals, vegetation, home, walking the landscape, underground discoveries – This presents an exciting opportunity for children to explore sustainable living, not only through discussion but also in design and building.


  • Chapter 3 (Jul 09 - Jul 13): Liquid habitats and navigating waterways 

Habitats of water. Investigating fantastical underwater worlds and where to find them. Looking very closely at the fine detail of plant and animals worlds beneath the surface of the water and use what is found to set off on fantastical flights of imagination.


  • Chapter 4 (Jul 16 - Jul 20): What lies beneath canopy

Under canopy – climbers, tree houses - Life in miniature and immensity. Exploring the minuscule and the enormous, finding story, form and detail in different and creative perspective.


  • Chapter 5 (Jul 23 - Jul 27): Beasts, boughs and branches - A whole world in a tree 

Exploring the concept of a whole world in a tree, how one not only survives but also thrives in the wildness of the canopy. How do beasts find a home – are they made or discovered? Explorations of construction methods both in micro and macro


  • Chapter 6 (Jul 30 - Aug 03): Above and beyond forest canopy - New ways to see the world

Soaring above the forest canopy – discovering new ways to see the world below. What is happening above the canopy and what is the inter-connected relationships with the health and well-being of the planet?


  • Chapter 7 (Aug 06 - Aug 10): Reflections of wild places and mystical spaces

Reflections as a synthesis of our explorations and dialogue with precious ecosystems. A multi-layered presentation of WILD EXCHANGES Maps from other minds – exploring our own location through maps of somewhere else.


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