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Updated: May 7, 2018


Providing administrative support for the completion of effective support services in the running of the school. Being the point of contact for parents and visitors, ensuring communication channels are effective.

Aurora Office



  • Provide full administration support for the school and ensure school administration staff are organized, directed, trained, developed and appraised to meet their requirements to support and facilitate the delivery of the curriculum and to assist with their recruitment.

  • Complete procedures for coordination of differing demands and uses of school site and facilities including promoting school facilities and costing of lettings.

  • Organize supply teaching and support staff provision for planned and unplanned absences.

  • Update general office procedures to reflect current practice and embrace new technologies.

  • Assist the Director with specific administrative tasks as and when required.

  • Take responsibility for inputting end of key stage data, targets etc and making sure they are correctly sent.

  • To complete the work force census and the main school census.


  • Ensure the effective operation of the school reception/office, so that all visitors, staff and pupils are greeted in a friendly and appropriate manner, their enquiries are dealt with promptly and they are directed to the appropriate person/location.

  • Safeguarding – oversee entry/exit procedures to/from the school for all staff, pupils, parents, carers and visitors.

  • Assist the school staff in the organization of events such as camps, sports days, parents’ evenings, productions etc and to organize associated administration.

HR and Safeguarding

  • Co-ordinate and manage the complete induction process for all new staff to the school and also oversee the administration processes involved when a member of staff leaves.

  • Support the Head teacher by liaising with HR in any issues about staffing.


  • Operate relevant equipment and computing software e.g. MS Office, Outlook, Explorer, Power Point, Excel, etc.

  • Safe guard and maintain stationery stock levels for the office and for some other are as of the school such as the photocopier.

  • Work with the website provider and ‘Computing Leader’ to regularly update the website layout. Communicate with people throughout the school in ensuring that the website is kept up to date.


  • Hold regular team meetings with the office staff to address any issues arising and to bring these to an acceptable conclusion wherever possible.

  • Co-ordinate the office team.

  • Be responsible for certain aspects of performance management and professional development for the office team.


  • Be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to child protection, equal opportunities, health and safety and security, confidentiality and data protection; reporting all concerns to an appropriate person.

  • Carry out all duties with regard to the school’s policies and codes of conduct.

  • Participate in training and other learning activities as required and to participate in appraisal and professional development.

  • Set high expectations of conduct,whilst acting as a good role model for others.

  • Ensure that out put and quality of work is of a high standard and complies with current legislation / standards.

Support for Parents

  • Assist parents, carers and other stakeholders with general enquiries.

  • Undertake reception duties, answering telephone calls and face to face enquiries, as required.

  • Undertake routine administration.

To apply this job, please send us your CV and Cover Letter to email: career@aurorareggio.com.

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