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Updated: May 7, 2018


The following provides an overview of roles and responsibilities to be undertaken in the position of Teacher. At Aurora, we recognize and adhere to Aurora’s Code of Ethics as an addition to the information outlined below and as such there is an expectation that all staff comply with the Code of Ethics (see attached Code of Ethics).


  • Studying Certificate III in Children’s Services or equivalent

  • Certificate III in Children’s Services or equivalent or higher

  • Current First Aid and CPR

  • Asthma and Anaphylaxis Training

  • Current working with children check or equivalent


  • To assist the Lead Teacher in delivery of a high quality program. To ensure a high quality service is consistently maintained in all areas and aspects of the preschool provision.

  • To ensure an inclusive environment is developed for all children, regardless of race, abilities, beliefs and values. The environment will foster children’s safety, security, positive relationships, be challenging, warm and caring. You will build positive, reciprocal, and caring relationships with parents.

  • To act as a positive role model, to be an active member, while conveying respect and guidance to other colleagues.

In relation to the program:

  • Assist in the programming, planning, implantation and reflection of the program in consultation with the Lead Teacher

  • Assist in the implementation of our curriculum framework

  • Assist in the planning and preparing of the inside and outside environment, setting up of interest areas, preparing and cleaning and disinfecting of equipment and resources used in the room

  • Support the morning and afternoon program for the mixed age group

  • Take responsibility for the cleaning and disinfecting of equipment and resources used in the room.

  • Be familiar with the Reggio Emilia approach and represent this throughout the curriculum

In relation to children:

  • Treat each child with dignity and respect taking into account any cultural or socio-economic or other differences

  • Role model appropriate behaviour and language

  • Be responsible for the room when the Lead Teacher is not present

  • In consultation with the preschool’s policies and the Lead Teacher, implement the agreed behaviour guidance strategies and techniques with consistency

  • Assist in the keeping and updating of children’s records and observations

  • Speak to the children in a friendly, courteous manner encouraging children to participate in conversations and discussions in order to extend their vocabulary and use of language.

To apply this job, please send us your CV and Qualifications to email: career@aurorareggio.com.

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